Saving MoneyCutting Your Electricity Cost

Arteluminate LED Lighting can reduce the up to 85% electricity bill after the replacement of your current halogen light.

Saving MoneyReduce Your Risks

Arteluminate LED Lighting can reduce the risk of fire and electronic shock when your doing installation by yourself since it is coming with low voltage output from the LED driver.

Saving MoneyCool Down the Temperature

Arteluminate LED Lighting will not release much heat like the traditional halogen lighting, which can give your comfortable living environment and reduce the risk of overheat or burning.

Saving MoneyCutting the Cost for Maintenance

Arteluminate LED Lighting is a long life lighting, which every light life-span up to 50,000 hours and we give at least 2 years warranty for every light we sell.

Saving MoneyProtect Your Living Environment

Arteluminate LED Lighting is a non-toxic lighting without any heavy metal or gases which compared with fluorescent bulbs.

Saving MoneyDesign & Renovation

Arteluminate LED Lighting can satisfy your custom design requirement. We will try our best to help you with your requirements such as the specific color temperature, casing colour and size.